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Fighting to Control Your Emotions? 4 Practical Tips to Deal with Depression

Trudy Jacobsen | Depression Some emotions such as joy or inspiration are wonderful to experience. We usually welcome them with open arms. Conversely, we often meet emotions such as sadness or frustration with a large “please leave now” sign. These feelings can quickly drag us down into the pits of despair, impacting our bodies and…
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How to Stop Swinging from Sad and Depressed to Angry and Annoyed

Do you swing from feeling sad and depressed to angry and annoyed? Is your relationship suffering? Are you tired of this cycle and looking for a way out? If you are feeling stuck in an unwanted pattern of behaviour, this Blog was written for you! The information provided here is life changing. It will help…
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Depression Counselling

Do you often feel overwhelmed, unhappy, indecisive, irritable or sad? Do you experience negative thoughts and feel run down, sick or tired all the time? Do you have trouble sleeping – or do you sleep too much? Find out more about depression counselling services.