Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling


Anxiety counselling using evidence-based strategies from psychology is available with our experienced counsellors.


Do you feel very worried or anxious most of the time? Are your thoughts racing? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about concerns for the future? Is it difficult for you to switch off or calm yourself down?


Although it may seem impossible to get control over your thoughts and emotions it can be done. With the right support you will learn to relax your mind and your body. You will feel more positive and be in control of your emotions.


Our counsellors can help you gain control of anxiety by learning to see things as they are and not worse than they are. Counselling will support you in learning to quickly identify unproductive thinking patterns and teach you strategies to refocus your mind and relax your body.


Working with our experienced counsellors will give you peace of mind by increasing your self-awareness, improving your coping strategies and developing your emotional fitness.

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