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Communication Breakdown: 5 Reasons Why Communicating Can Be Difficult

You’ve probably heard that communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. This goes far beyond romantic relationships. Healthy communication is the key to family relationships, friendships, and even for professional development in a career.  But communicating effectively isn’t always as easy as it seems. Simply put, communication is hard work. One of the…
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Shame Locks You Into Addiction – Shame Resilience Opens The Door To Recovery

Addiction typically revolves around some type of harmful substance. Yet, the most toxic part of addiction is equally as harmful as any substance—shame. Commonly mistaken for guilt, shame is what can keep a person locked into addiction. In other words, it’s the nefarious force at work to keep you stuck—an arm’s length away from the…
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When Chronic Illness Changes Everything: How to Cope

What are you struggling with? Cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue, lupus, or migraines? Maybe your illness is yet unnamed but just as life-changing? Pain that persists and twists your world changes who you are, how you operate, and how you relate. Regardless of your condition’s name, the struggle to adjust is real and, often,…
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It’s okay not to be okay! Five practical ways to support someone facing a loss.

Trudy Jacobsen | Grief and loss If you’re like many people, you’re okay letting the shoulder of your shirt get tear-soaked. You’re a good person, and being that “rock” is honourable. You’re willing to love and care for those who are facing a loss, even without knowing exactly how. Yet, when that same bereaved person…
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Three Keys to Overcoming Depression and Reclaiming Joy

Joy doesn’t always come to us naturally. Some days, it feels like joy and happiness seem to take a hike… and forgotten the way home. For those struggling with depression, chasing down a slither of happiness can feel more like swimming against a strong current. It’s downright gruelling! What can make sense in those moments…
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