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Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for Couples – Treating Relational Trauma

At the foundation of every healthy relationship lies an infrastructure of security. The bricks that make up the core of this base include trust, attachment, love, and the confidence that your partner has your back. Knowing you can count on someone to be in your corner is an irreplaceable feeling. But what happens when that…
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Can Your Perception of Stress Change its Effect on Your Health?

Can Your Perception of Stress Change Its Effects on Your Health? “Stress is bad and should be avoided at all costs!” At least, that’s the message you’re getting from most of the articles and blog posts you read, right? Most people have heard that we are all dealing with more stress these days. In turn, stress has…
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What is the Difference Between Being Shy and Suffering From Social Anxiety?

It’s easy to confuse shyness and social anxiety. However, while they may seem similar, this misconception can make it more difficult for people with social anxiety to seek the help they need. Social anxiety goes beyond sweaty palms and nervous butterflies. It’s a condition that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Unfortunately, many…
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3 Concrete Ways to Tell the Difference Between Anxiety and Stress

It’s not uncommon for people to use anxiety and stress interchangeably. After all, they do have their similarities. For example, both anxiety and stress display physical symptoms such as stomach issues, muscle tension, insomnia, and more. And both can wreak havoc on your peace of mind, disrupting your regular routine. Yet, they aren’t exactly the…
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Shame Locks You into Addiction – Shame Resilience Opens the Door to Recovery

Addiction typically revolves around some type of harmful substance. Yet, the most toxic part of addiction is equally as harmful as any substance—shame. Commonly mistaken for guilt, shame is what can keep a person locked into addiction. In other words, it’s the nefarious force at work to keep you stuck—an arm’s length away from the…
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Three Keys to Overcoming Depression and Reclaiming Joy

Joy doesn’t always come to us naturally. Some days, it feels like joy and happiness seem to take a hike… and forgotten the way home. For those struggling with depression, chasing down a slither of happiness can feel more like swimming against a strong current. It’s downright gruelling! What can make sense in those moments…
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