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Healthy Striving for Personal Excellence Can Conquer Perfectionistic Concerns

If you find yourself overwhelmed by perfectionistic concerns, it may feel as if nothing you do will ever be quite right. Whether it’s your performance in school, in the workplace, with your friends or at home with your family—perfectionism can lead to chronic disappointment and unhappiness. It may also negatively affect those around you. You may…
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Turning Possibility and Hope into Positive Life Changes: 4 Steps for Personal Growth

We’ve all heard the phrase “the possibilities are endless.” As overused as it may be, there is actually a lot of truth to it! Possibility and hope are always there when it comes to changes in our lives. However, actually growing and making those changes is the key. The idea of personal growth can seem…
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Communication Breakdown: 5 Reasons Why Communicating Can Be Difficult

You’ve probably heard that communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. This goes far beyond romantic relationships. Healthy communication is the key to family relationships, friendships, and even for professional development in a career.  But communicating effectively isn’t always as easy as it seems. Simply put, communication is hard work. One of the…
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Can Your Perception of Stress Change its Effect on Your Health?

Can Your Perception of Stress Change Its Effects on Your Health? “Stress is bad and should be avoided at all costs!” At least, that’s the message you’re getting from most of the articles and blog posts you read, right? Most people have heard that we are all dealing with more stress these days. In turn, stress has…
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When Anxiety Looks Like Anger, What Can You Do?

Anxiety comes with a variety of different symptoms. Some people feel it more physically and experience things like fatigue or headaches. Others take on emotional symptoms like difficulty concentrating or a constant fear of social situations. While the symptoms associated with anxiety are becoming more well known, there is one sign of it that isn’t…
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Perfectionism: Excessive Worries About What Others Think vs Healthy Striving for Excellence

It’s only natural to feel a bit of worry about what others think of you. Especially when you’ve possibly got a snag of broccoli sticking out of your teeth or you forgot to wash your jeans before casual Friday at work. Yet, aside from mouth-invading vegetation and dirty pants, this sort of worry should be…
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