Category: Services

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselling

Are you using alcohol and other substances, such as drugs, food, spending, or prescription medication as a way to manage your emotions? Find out more about alcohol and substance abuse counselling services.

Anxiety Counselling

Do you feel very worried or anxious most of the time? Are your thoughts racing? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about concerns for the future? Find out more about Anxiety counselling services

Depression Counselling

Do you often feel overwhelmed, unhappy, indecisive, irritable or sad? Do you experience negative thoughts and feel run down, sick or tired all the time? Do you have trouble sleeping – or do you sleep too much? Find out more about depression counselling services.

Relationship Counselling

Do you wish you could improve your relationship? Do you feel ‘stuck’ in an unproductive pattern of behaviour? Is it difficult for you to connect with your partner in a meaningful way? Find out more about relationship counselling services.