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Can Exercise Help Improve Your Sleep? – What to Keep in Mind

Have you been feeling overly stressed lately? Do you find yourself staying awake at night and unable to get any real rest? In our busy world that demands so much of our time and focus, it is not hard to see why our sleep often suffers. When we spend our waking hours in a constant…
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Exam Anxiety: 7 Effective Ways to Banish it for Good

Whether you are a high school student, an employee reaching for a promotion, or currently attending a university, you have likely felt “exam anxiety” at one point or another.  Exams test knowledge or skills you have learned over a period of time and then provide only one short window of opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge.…
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Why Self-Awareness and Emotional Maturity Are So Important in Relationships

Circulating in today’s society is a term known as emotional intelligence. This concept has not only proven to improve all sorts of relationships—friendships, professional, romantic—but it helps people find true joy as well. For this reason, many of us strive for it without really pegging a title on our pursuit. Although the idea of emotional…
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Creating a Great Relationship: How to Identify the Results You want to Create

Romantic relationships tend to be a bit scattershot—going with the flow. Yet, creating a successful relationship requires more deliberate action than most people assume. Rather than to simply rely on love or passion to lead the way, couples who set relationship goals often find the most long-term success. To begin, it’s vital to know the…
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9 Ways to Improve Communication Skills in Your Relationship

Have you ever noticed that it’s often the most important people in our lives that we tend to treat the worst? There are hundreds of things we could blame for this. Yet, most of the time it’s simply that we fall in a rut of familiarity. Plus, in the midst of our daily routines, we…
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Perfectionism: Excessive Worries About What Others Think vs Healthy Striving for Excellence

It’s only natural to feel a bit of worry about what others think of you. Especially when you’ve possibly got a snag of broccoli sticking out of your teeth or you forgot to wash your jeans before casual Friday at work. Yet, aside from mouth-invading vegetation and dirty pants, this sort of worry should be…
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How to Make a Conscious Effort to Understand and Meet your Partner’s Needs

Trudy Jacobsen | Relationships Being in a successful relationship takes purposeful work. Sometimes connecting with each other comes more naturally. Other days, it may be very hard to find a path to your partner. For this reason, it’s important to make a conscious effort to understand your partner’s needs. Doing so makes connecting possible. But…
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Three Keys to Overcoming Depression and Reclaiming Joy

Joy doesn’t always come to us naturally. Some days, it feels like joy and happiness seem to take a hike… and forgotten the way home. For those struggling with depression, chasing down a slither of happiness can feel more like swimming against a strong current. It’s downright gruelling! What can make sense in those moments…
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How to Stop Swinging from Sad and Depressed to Angry and Annoyed

Do you swing from feeling sad and depressed to angry and annoyed? Is your relationship suffering? Are you tired of this cycle and looking for a way out? If you are feeling stuck in an unwanted pattern of behaviour, this Blog was written for you! The information provided here is life changing. It will help…
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Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselling

Are you using alcohol and other substances, such as drugs, food, spending, or prescription medication as a way to manage your emotions? Find out more about alcohol and substance abuse counselling services.