Our mission

We are here to help people who need support in life, whether it is about relationships or trying to recover from trauma.

Our mission is to bring extra strength and value to your life.

Areas we help you in

  • Managing Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Turn negative thinking into positive

  • Authentic happines

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About Kathy

Kathy is interested in all aspects of Psychology including Relationships, and mind-body medicine. Kathy is also a Hypnotherapist. She is trained in the treatment of weight loss using a technique called Virtual Gastric Banding.

Kathy has trained, amongst other things, in Mediation, Triple P Parenting (which assists parents in managing the behaviour of their children), NLP, Trauma recovery techniques and Positive Psychology and Attachment Therapy which uses brain patterns to improve relationships. Kathy has worked extensively as a Psychologist in the rural and outback regions of Australia.

She has worked for Queensland Police and also in the prison at Wacol. For the past 10 years she has had her own practice, Counselling Australia, in Springfield and also in Kenmore Hills. She is a registered Medicare Provider offering Health Fund rebates and Medicare Rebates (with a Dr’s referral) for Counselling, hypnotherapy and Psychology. Her approach is to treat the cause instead of the symptoms.


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Medicare and Health Fund

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Our practice is medicare accredited and therefore patients can make claims from medicare and health funds

Bring your medicare card or health fund membership card with you to next appointment.