Month: December 2019

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Navigating Romance When You Have a Demanding Career – Is It Even Possible?

If you have a demanding career, then you know all too well the sacrifices that come with it. Less free time, higher workload, and perhaps not the most eventful love life. Obviously, there are great perks to your career, but maybe you now find yourself wanting a little more romance. You may ask yourself: Is…
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Feeling Stuck in Life? – How to Harness the Energy of Small Victories

When we hit particularly difficult times in our lives, it can seem like absolutely nothing is going right. If you’re feeling stuck in life, it is often hard to get out of the rut. Worse yet, the deeper we fall into our slumps, the harder it is to get out. When it feels like we’re…
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Career and Singleness: A Look at Dating Dilemmas from a Professional’s Point of View

As a working professional, you’ve likely experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to manage a career and a dating life. Moreover, you may feel as though you must choose to either focus on your career or your dating life. In reality, you can have both—but there are always dilemmas involved. If you feel stuck…
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