Month: October 2019

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Parenting with Understanding: How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Parents often dread or fear having conversations about sex with their children. They fear the awkwardness of the conversation but there is nothing awkward about it! It’s a parent’s job to safely and maturely guide their children into adulthood, and one of the biggest factors is learning about sex. If you’re dreading that talk, don’t…
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Food and Depression: Could the Right Diet Improve Your Mood

If you have or ever had depression, you know that it can affect your relationship with food. However, have you ever considered that the reverse is also true and that your diet might be directly affecting your mood? It makes sense—a bad diet affects your mood negatively, while a good diet affects it positively. But…
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Are You an Enmeshed Parent? – 4 Ways to Tell

If you’re a parent, the relationship you have with your child is likely the closest of all your relationships. However, there is a line between a close relationship and an unhealthily close relationship. Enmeshed parenting is when a parent/child relationship is seen as more important than the individual themselves. In other words, you define yourself…
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Healthy Striving for Personal Excellence Can Conquer Perfectionistic Concerns

If you find yourself overwhelmed by perfectionistic concerns, it may feel as if nothing you do will ever be quite right. Whether it’s your performance in school, in the workplace, with your friends or at home with your family—perfectionism can lead to chronic disappointment and unhappiness. It may also negatively affect those around you. You may…
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