Month: August 2019

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7 Practical Ways to Balance the Emotional Effects of Debt

The impact of a financial debt goes far beyond your wallet. Your debt can carry an emotional burden that can weigh just as heavily on your psyche. What if the debt will take a long time to pay off? Will you ever be debt-free again? How will this debt impact your financial future? Do you earn enough money…
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Can Exercise Help Improve Your Sleep? – What to Keep in Mind

Have you been feeling overly stressed lately? Do you find yourself staying awake at night and unable to get any real rest? In our busy world that demands so much of our time and focus, it is not hard to see why our sleep often suffers. When we spend our waking hours in a constant…
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Exam Anxiety: 7 Effective Ways to Banish it for Good

Whether you are a high school student, an employee reaching for a promotion, or currently attending a university, you have likely felt “exam anxiety” at one point or another.  Exams test knowledge or skills you have learned over a period of time and then provide only one short window of opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge.…
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